4 Ways to Use Custom Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are the perfect way to create a one-of-a-kind, attention-grabbing advertisement.  They provide business owners with a relatively affordable way to promote their brand while being unique and fun. When people are walking, it is natural to look down. Therefore, when a shopper’s eye catches something unusual on the floor, they will look right at what they are stepping on, giving your business the exposure it desires.

Take a look at a simple list of strategies and ideas that use floor graphics for any given purpose.

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1. Drive Foot Traffic :

Do you want to drive potential customers into your new restaurant or retail store? Just place floor graphics in your neighborhood, near your location as if you were guiding them on a treasure hunt. They’ll be intrigued!

2. Increase Brand Awareness :

The repetition of certain types of products that you want your store to be known for increases brand awareness. If you want to be the go-to store the next time a shopper needs a particular item, you must get him or her to connect the product with your establishment. Floor graphics placed at the entrance alert the customer to the availability of a particular brand.

3. Promote Your Online Business :

Use floor graphics to promote your online business on sidewalks, at malls or other public spaces to help increase visibility. Find the perfect location to place an intriguing floor graphic. Additionally, add your URL, people will visit just out of curiosity.

4. For Events :

Floor graphics are also an awesome choice for events as they help give directions, directing traffic towards restrooms, parking lots, photo booths, fire extinguishers, just to name a few. Besides, they’re a great way to keep things organized without going over budget. Sporting events like basketball games are also great venues to use floor graphics on the court featuring a team logo or sponsor.

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