Custom Greeting Card Printing – An Ideal Way to Impress Business Partners

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Greeting card is a decorated card with a message of good wishes that is sent or given to someone on a special occasion. Although greeting cards are usually given on special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas or other holidays, they are also sent to convey thanks or express other feelings.

Greeting Cards are large, folded notecards with an area for a personalized message on the interior. They are a popular way to celebrate holidays and special events. Usually, they are colorful and have images on the outside.


The most common order options are 10″ x 7″ before folding on 14 Pt. Gloss Cover stock. Almost always, Greeting Cards are printed in full color on both sides (4/4) and are often coated UV 1 Side. Once folded, these options create a 5″ x 7″ card with a high gloss finish on the outside front and back. If you plan on writing on the interior of your card, do not select UV 2 Sides.

For lower quantities and additional stock choices, please check out our 4-Color Digital Greeting Cards.

Marketing Tips

Greeting Cards are an ideal way to impress business partners, send a special message to customers, and build excitement about an upcoming event or promotion. They create a personal touch that connects with clients in a way other than traditional advertising.

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