Custom Printed Magnets


Magnets have become a popular way to advertise a business because of their versatility. Magnets are most commonly put on car doors and they can be easily moved from vehicle to vehicle. There is very little maintenance required with this form of advertising and they are simple to use. Just stick them on the side of the door as you would a refrigerator magnet and you are good to go.

Magnets print on a white front with a magnetic back that allows them to stick. You can only print on the front side. Available in many sizes including “Custom Trim”, Magnets are a useful tool for customers that can serve a dual purpose as marketing material for you. Depending on size, magnets can go just about anywhere they will stick.

The most common order options are 3.5″ x 2″on 16 Pt. White Magnet. Magnets only print full color on the front (4/0).

Marketing Tips

Magnets are a great way to provide information that you want people to keep handy. Use them to promote your company, your products, and your services. Because promotional Magnets provide helpful information, people are likely to stick them in convenient places like their fridge or memo board, so there’s constant interaction with your message.
There’s also a market for magnets with creative content, whether it be an inspirational message, pleasing graphic, or just fun.

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