Design A Poster For Your Marketing Campaign


A poster can be a great advertising tool for your marketing campaign. It will help you to build brand awareness, while advertising your products and services. Print Early offers a variety of high quality posters printed on glossy or matte papers to enhance your company’s products or services. Our posters are waterproof, scuff resistant, and UV safe so they can be used multiple times while lasting for many years.

Creating an Effective Poster

The first step in creating an effective poster for your marketing campaign is to identify the purpose and vital information you want displayed on the poster. Decide if you desire your company’s name, location, products, or services on the poster. From there, you will need to design a high quality poster that conveys all of the necessary information.

Once you decide how the poster will look, what information is on it, and the color scheme of it, it is time to put that all together. A graphics designer is a person who specializes in this type of work, so it may be best to seek one out for assistance as this can be the tricky part. The designer will take your creation and put it into a digital format and then send it back to you so it can simply be uploaded at Print Early.

After your file is uploaded, look over the poster to ensure everything is correct. If it is, approve the final proof and we will start working on your poster right away. Turnaround time begins once the proof is approved, and we ship as fast as the next shipping day, provided the proof is approved before noon PST.

Our posters come in varying sizes to meet the needs of your company. The maximum size is 53 inches high by 160 feet wide. This provides you with a lot of space to fill with important information or stunning images to catch your customer’s attention. The posters are printed in 720 x 720 resolution so we can give you the best looking image as possible.

Posters are the perfect marketing tool because they are easily portable, convey important information, and are relatively inexpensive. In addition, they come in all different shapes and sizes so you can find the one that meets your requirements. At Print Early, we provide solution to all your printing needs.

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