Effectively Promote Your Business with Custom Brochures


Utilizing custom brochures with direct mailing capabilities is a powerful marketing tool. Direct-mail brochures are available in variety of designs, so it can be difficult to decide which design makes it more creative work.

Custom brochure printing services provide you with vibrant high quality marketing material to showcase your business – however – what good is a great marketing brochure that doesn’t reach your target market? Our Brochures with mailing services enable you to connect directly with your target market in an easy, presentable and organized fashion. All brochure services are customized in color and fold pattern to represent your company, products, events and services specifically.


One of our most popular custom brochure printing services is the 8.5″ x 11″ (#100) Gloss Text paper. Measurements are notes before folded.

Custom printed brochures are generally printed in full color on both sides, creating four content-driven page folds and are coated AQ on 2 Sides. The most common folds are Tri-Folds, Z-Folds, and Half-Folds. Tri-Folds and Z-Folds give you 3 panels to display your information on each side. Half-Folds give you 2 panels on each side.

Brochure Direct mailing services can also successfully increase your business exposure and sales conversions by connecting you directly to your target market effectively.

Marketing Tips

They are an effective way of getting a vibrant reminder of your business – directly into the hands of target customers. Brochures allow customers to obtain a clear message and visual feel for products or services, while finding direct resources for more details. Direct marketing with custom brochure printing can increase your exposure and target market within the very first campaign.

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