Importance of Print Media in Digital Age

print media

In this electronic age many advertisers are taking advantage of the internet and mobile messaging services. In fact, we are bombarded with electronic advertisements.
So where does this leave print advertising? You might think that print advertising has little chance of attracting new business but you would be wrong. Research shows that people are now becoming saturated with electronic advertising.

Because print ads are less prevalent than they used to be, people tend to pay more attention to them. They, rather than electronic ads, are the novelty especially if they have eye-catching graphics and a short and powerful message.

Print ads can reach a more focused group of consumers, especially if you place an ad in an industry specific publication. But what if you are a small business with a limited advertising budget? Creating your own print ads is a smart move, especially since you can distribute them in a targeted area that needs and wants your services or products. You can include a coupon, either one to cut out or to scan on a smart phone or offer discounts.

In spite of doing business on the internet for more than a decade, people still trust print media more than the internet. People lend more credibility to print media than other forms of communication. They can see an ad on their cell phone and forget about it in a few seconds but when it comes printed in their physical mailbox they will read it. They may put it aside and it will be around their house for weeks. You can target specific age groups and neighborhoods with print advertisements; you can publish a small newsletter with relevant articles to attract new clients.

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