Print Industry Trends of 2016!


According to printing industry news, print industry growth has doubled in 2016 from 2015.
Here are some of the top trends the print industry will embrace over the next few months:

On demand

Businesses frequently need printed documents at a moment’s notice and with many not equipped with their own in-house printers, businesses need a print partner that can distribute on demand for all their production needs.


In 2016, many businesses want to focus on eliminating waste and reducing their carbon footprint. Print services can accommodate this by using better equipment, good planning, and advanced manufacturing and printing technology. Forward-thinking businesses will be pleased.


Companies that offer personalized print product will have higher customer satisfaction and will be more prepared to serve customers’ needs as they evolve over time. Personalization increases company loyalty, enhances brand recognition and ties a business’s paper work to them.


Though multi-channel marketing might tend to focus on mobile and social media marketing tactics, print is still viable and a great focus for a multi-channel marketing strategy. Designing and printing high-quality documents has decreased in cost, therefore companies can more easily utilize this for a successful campaign that fits their budget.

2016 is the year for the print services industry! Possibilities are endless, so take advantage of the industry!

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