Safety Measures to be taken in Printing Industry

Machinery safety in the printing industry


Most printing machinery accidents occur at presses while freeing blockages, machine setting, press cleaning, addition of substrates/inks and maintenance.
Therefore following safety measure should be taken:
• Before you start using any printing machine you need to think about what risks    may occur and how these can be  prevented.
• Choose the right machine for the job.
• Check the machinery is adequately guarded to prevent access to dangerous parts
• Provide safe systems of work for using and maintaining the machine.
• Monitor use of safeguards and safe systems to ensure they are working effectively.

Safety Measures for Slips and trips


Most accidents occur in printing industry due to Slips and trips. Reduce tripping hazards such as pallets, uneven ground and strapping.
• Keep walkways well marked and clear of pallets and other obstructions.
• Identify specific places for pallet unloading/loading.
You can reduce slipping hazards such as water and wetness, oil and ice by –
• Prevent oil leaks by maintaining equipment.
• Clean up spillages of all liquids immediately, dry the area and provide signage.

Fire and Explosion Safety in printing industry

fire safety

Printing often involves flammable materials which can create significant fire and explosion risks. Following are some safety measures to consider:
• Assess the fire and explosion risks from any dangerous substances used/produced in your workplace
• substitute solvent based products for water based ones where possible
• provide adequate ventilation in workroom
• control room temperatures

These are some ways workers in printing industry can follow while working to keep themselves safe.


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