Tips For Great Canvas Prints


Canvas is a durable material to print on. Canvas with a variety of surface texture and printing options, is an ideal material to preserve your favorite photos and lovable memoirs. Printing on canvas, however, requires some careful considerations.

Prepping of the photo files, borders and the size of the print have to be carefully considered before the actual printing on canvas is done.

Size to Resolution ratio

When printing on canvas, especially large prints, there is a risk of low resolution photos resulting in poor print quality. While this effect varies between different types of canvas and surface treatments, for a given material some minimal calculations are available. For instance a 20 cm X 30 cm canvas print would require a minimal resolution in pixels of 614 x 850 or higher.

Border Size

Canvas prints are usually stretched and mounted on a wooden frame. If a certain border around the image has to be visible, then the border size has to be calculated carefully as some of the border area is taken up by the frame thickness.
If say the frame is 1 cm thick and the canvas print border is 1.5 cm wide, approximately 0.5 cm of the border will be visible around the photo.

Bad Photo Quality

Photos taken hurriedly or in bad light could have several aberrations. However, in a professional’s hand, such photographs can be rescued by using specialized software like Photoshop. Print Early can process your poor quality photographs, even old black and white photographs and immortalize your memories on canvas.

Printer Settings

It is advisable to set the printer for the highest quality prints. Some enlarging of the image can occur when the canvas stretched over a frame. A high quality print with a higher pixel density will retain the quality of the image, even with slight stretching.


High quality inks play a vital role in photo quality and longevity. Print Early offers a range of UV resistant inks, color fastness over time is guaranteed to keep your exclusive canvas prints looking like new.

With a few precautions, canvas prints can delight you and their display can give your home or work environment an exquisite look and feel.

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