Window Cling Printing – A Way to Use Your Windows to Tell a Message




Window Cling is a way to use your windows to tell a message, whether it’s a clearance sale, new inventory arrival, or something less conventional. Window cling can also be used for decoration purpose.

Window Cling is either light adhesive-backed or designed to cling by using static and prints on 4 mil clear or frost white synthetic material in full color on one side. It is designed for display on window glass, though you can also use it on other smooth surfaces. Window Cling comes in a range of sizes from 1′ x 1′ to 75′ by 53″ (inches).


 The most common order options are 3′ x 5′ on 4 mil. Frost White Low-Tac Adhesive. Window Cling is printed in full color on one side (4/0).

Note: Window Cling may not have desired results if printed with full coverage (ink filling the entire sheet). Leaving spaces in or around your design will increase the area that connects the cling to the window. If you choose to print full coverage, we recommend Low-Tac for best results.

Marketing Tips

 Window Cling material applications have expanded beyond the window to include painted walls and smooth surfaces of all kinds. Use Window Cling for promotional messaging. When you want to display your message on a window or a wall and be able to remove it without leaving residue or pulling paint (in good condition), try Window Cling.

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